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My educational background:

I finished my degree in Computer Science at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain in 2006. After which I studied a Master’s Degree and PhD, with a focus on Machine Learning and Convex Optimization topics.

My greatest achievements to date:

My PhD thesis. It involved presenting a research paper at one of the top conferences in machine learning (ICML), and creating something new and useful which will be reviewed by leading experts in the field. It really feels like standing at the frontier of human knowledge!

What makes you different from the other competitors? What are your strengths?

To answer that question, I will require more data about the other competitors, and maybe run some p-value tests *haha*. Jokes aside, I have a very strong background in programming. I’m not a mathematician but I have enough inside to understand modern machine learning methods in depth, which then I can code and optimize, or use myself. I’m also a certified PMP which has helped me get a knack for managing projects and prople. All in all, I would say my greatest strength is that I like to learn new things.

Where my passion for big data comes from:

I’ve always been passionate about computers, especially artificial intelligence, but I was a bit disappointed when I studied a court on AI at college. Then I learned that neural networks and machine learning, algorithms that aim to learn something spcific by leying on data instead of general intelligence, and how they are successful when solving real-life problems.

A piece of advice I live by:

If someone asks you if you can do something, say yes. If they ask you how, say “we will see”.

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