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The World’s Big Data and Analytics Showdown

Welcome to the Official 2014 TEXATA Big Data Analytics World Championships. This global event is a fun, innovative and challenging competition for students and professionals to develop and test their Big Data Analytics skills against their friends, colleagues and top data experts from around the world.

TEXATA 2014 is a World Championship Event independently organized and administered by the Professional Services Champions League (PSCL).


How Texata Works

The inaugural World Championships involves two online qualification rounds and Live World Finals event held in Texas, USA in October 2014.

Online Rounds
Participants from over 100 countries will compete individually (i.e. not in teams) in two online qualification rounds. All you need is a computer, internet connection and some big data skills to compete. Final information on the login and set-up infrastructure will be made available in the weeks leading up to Round 1 of the Championships. Top competitors from Round 1 will progress through to Round 2, which will be structured similarly to Round 1, with additional complexity, so you better bring your A-Game!

Case studies will relate to a wide cross-section of topics- including practical questions, technical skills and creative business insights across Big Data and Business Analytics (e.g. 3 Vs, Statistical Analysis). The World Championship are focused on big data impacts for real-life enterprise decision-making. Participants will address data sets across three core sectors: Financial Services (e.g. Insurance, Banking Transactions, ROI Investment) and Mobile Data and Social Data.

World Finals in Texas, USA
The World’s Top 16 Finalists will be flown to Austin and Dallas, Texas on the weekend of October 4 and 5, 2014. Finalists will do battle in front of global judges and institutions and will be set a variety of challenges that test Innovation, Speed, Business Risk, Best Practice Data Skills and more.

TEXATA’s Big Data Analytics World Championships event is technology-agnostic and independent. Every participant is free to use any technology vendors, products or additive analytical products.

Get Ready
Participants require solid familiarity with the basic data analytical techniques involved with managing the large and complex volumes of data with heterogeneity, diversity and developing meaningful analytical insights (e.g. 3 Vs).

The Resources Centre has a directory list of useful vendors, professional services and educational training materials to help you get ready. We will be releasing free sample questions, tips from Sponsors and the official TEXATA Questions Framework on the TEXATA website in the lead-up to World Championship Round 1.

Online Case Study Style Questions
August 23, 2014

Online Case Study Style Questions
September 6, 2014

World Championship Finals
October 4-5, 2014

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