Xiaoqing Zhu

  • Name:
    Xiaoqing Zhu
  • Background:
    PhD Candidate - Statistics
  • Company:
    Michigan State University
  • From:
    Beijing, China
  • Age:

My educational background:
Currently completing my PhD in statistics at Michigan State University, which I’m expecting to complete in 2015. Also completed a BS in Mathematics and Physics at Tsinghua University from 2007-2011.

My passion for big data:
I read a book “Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave” by Bill Franks. It gave me a detailed introduction about big data, and also I learned more about it from TEXATA!

The best advice I received:
Never stop thinking and trying.

The most innovative applications of big data I’ve seen:
Recommended shopping and personalized medical treatments.

My life away from work:
I like Yoga and I like all kinds of sports.

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