Sal De Loera

  • Name:
    Sal De Loera
  • Background:
    Principal Solution Specialist, Big Data & Analytics
  • Company:
  • From:
    Austin, Texas

I started my career in IT over 12 years ago and have remained influenced and driven by two particular technology initiatives – Data Architecture and Analytics. Opportunities for partnership, learning, and innovation will continue to present themselves as we strive to meld people, business, and technology. I look forward to these opportunities as I am fulfilled by my membership to a community that is driven by the development and execution of technology solutions that enhance the way we live and conduct business. I currently work for Microsoft as a Principal Solution Specialist with a focus on Big Data & Analytics for State and Local Government.

Beyond helping organizations find new ways to look at their data to better inform citizens and influence public policy, I spend most of my time in and around Austin riding a mountain bike, playing tennis, and exploring the food/drink scene.