Parminder Kocher

Parminder Kocher works as Innovation Evangelist at Cisco. He leads the Services Technology Incubation Center as part of Cisco Services Technology Group (CSTG), which is responsible for building new technologies for Cisco software services. He is passionate about creating new value for customers and Cisco by meeting unmet needs in the market and creating efficiencies internally.

In this capacity, Parminder is responsible for establishing systems and processes to evaluate and prioritize innovation opportunities quickly to focus resources on development of differentiated products and / services that maximize profitability and value. This involves taking ideas from prototypes to production including piloting with customers to solidify the business case.

Analytics is one of the key areas that is very close to his heart. As an early visionary, Parminder defined various new Analytics based Services that are available in the market today and some like, Retail Analytics, are in process of going for General Availability (GA). He works closely with Customers and Partners in Technology, Retail, and Hospitality industry to identify new opportunities for the key business problems in this area. Looked upon as a thought leader, he is vey active and heavily involved with Big Data/Analytics based startups and conferences.

Prior to joining Cisco in 2005, Parminder spent almost a decade in different roles in innovating various software stacks. He holds a bachelor and masters degree in Computer Science. He also has a Masters of Business Administration degree in Finance and Management from Baylor University. He is based in Austin, TX.