Kristin Nguyen

  • Name:
    Kristin Nguyen
  • Background:
    Systems Software Engineer
  • Company:
    HP Labs
  • From:
  • Age:

My educational background:
I majored in Computer Engineering and then pursued a PhD degree in High Performance Computing and Bioinformatics.

Some of my greatest achievements to date:
I and my friend won the EADS High Performance Computing contest in 2013 by building an efficient linear system solver using GPUs (graphics processing units). I’m also proud of the research work I did during my PhD.

A cool approach to big data I’ve come across:
Not particularly fancy but I’m intrigued by a phenomenon discovered by Walmart during a data mining study that young American males who buy diapers are also likely to buy beer. Walmart then used that knowledge for their marketing campaign and for arranging related items on their shelves. I find this story both fun and cool.

Where my passion for big data comes from:
I love to uncover information hidden in a big “pile” of data. In general, I like to have a “surprise” factor in everything I do.

A piece of advice I live by:
I like the advice of Steve Martin: “Be so good they can’t ignore you”.

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