Michael Cafferty

  • Name:
    Michael Cafferty
  • Background:
    Principal Systems Engineer
  • Company:
    Nova Biomedical
  • From:
    Medford, MA, United States
  • Age:

My educational background:
Degrees in electric engineering, with professional background in semiconductor device physics, optical system engineering, remote sensing, infrared image system engineering, and medical biophysical measurements and analysis.

My experience in TEXATA Rounds 1 and 2:
My Round 1 performance was in the top 30%; data download problems prevented a good performance in the data analysis section. Round 2 went much better, I developed a Python script for extracting potentially profitable investments from the Thomson Reuters StreetData conference call transcripts. I was hoping for at least a top 10% place in Round 2, and was very excited and surprised to see that I was a finalist.

My strengths:
I think my academic and industrial experience in real physical system engineering and modeling has taught me how to solve practical problems under real-world constraints, using analysis and laboratory development.

The most innovative or cool application of big data I’ve seen:
The really fast and comprehensive web searches that are available today bring up lots of useful information I use almost every day at work.

What I hope comes from being a TEXATA Finalist:
A great learning experience in big data, and just meeting all of the finalists and other notable people in big data will be a worthwhile thrill.

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