Menno Taanman

  • Name:
    Menno Taanman
  • Background:
    Database Marketing Analyst
  • Company:
    eBay Inc.
  • From:
    Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Age:

My educational background:
My study in Econometrics has provided me with a strong statistical base and the power of logical reasoning and problem solving. After that I have taken several additional online courses to improve my programming skills and learn more about the magic behind machine learning algorithms.

My strengths:
My strength is that I have always worked very close with the business. I understand their needs and problems and I am able to ask the right questions to provide the insights needed. That is the start of every analysis and essential in making a project successful. Moreover, my statistical background is of great added value.

The coolest application of big data I’ve seen:
GE flight quest is one of my favorites. It was fascinating to hear that an algorithm from a whole different science field (Speech recognition) was used to improve predictions of flight times which could potentially save millions of dollars a year.

My life away from work:
In my free time I play soccer and do some running. In the weekends I enjoy to meet with friends and have some drinks. Next to that, my girlfriend and I can be true binge-watchers when it comes to TV-series. One of my greatest achievements is running a marathon.

Where my passion for big data comes from:
When I entered the e-commerce world 4 years ago, I also encountered for the first time the enormous volumes of data that were being produced. I couldn’t accept that we were sitting on a gold mine without doing anything with it, so that I was determined to find ways to explore and use it to bring customer experience to the next level. Competing in Kaggle competitions only put oil on the fire afterwards.

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