Marshal Wong

  • Name:
    Marshal Wong
  • Background:
  • Company:
  • From:
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Age:

My educational background:
I did a double major in Linguistics and Mathematics and Statistics as an undergraduate. During that time, I also took all my electives in Computer Science. I am also trained as a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada. Finally, I have been taking the Coursera Data Science Specialization over that past year.

Why I stand out from the other Finalists:
I think I am definitely a jack of all trades. I am comfortable looking from the business side of things, while not being afraid to get into the technical details.

The most innovative application of big data I’ve come across:
I think all the predictive technology applications are pretty cool. All the competitions, like Kaggle, or the Netflix prize, really impress me.

The best advice I’ve received at work:
“It never hurts to just try!”

My life away from work:
I have a wife and two daughters, so that takes quite a bit of time outside of work. I’m also really into Japanese Taiko Drumming. Otherwise you’ll probably find me puttering around on my computer.

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