Lee Gregory

Lee Gregory is an Investment Director at KPMG Capital, a fund focused on accelerating innovation in data & analytics services and solutions that will help clients of KPMG’s network of member firms unlock tangible value from their data. Lee is responsible for identifying and evaluating potential investments that will help grow the data and analytics capabilities of KPMG worldwide.

Lee has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and a MBA from Dartmouth college. Based in Dallas, Texas, Lee has worked in global roles for a number of years leading major business transformation projects and in sales and solution development for companies such as Accompli, Gunn Partners and Booz, Allen and Hamilton. Lee’s professional interests span Data & Analytics, Lean/Six Sigma, Business Process Design, executive coaching and Change Leadership.

Lee had a fascination of math and statistics from a very young age and used to plot graphs of functions using fine-ruled graph paper and pencil just to see what the curves looked like.

What’s exciting to Lee is the exploding field of data & analytics, where we have now have massive amounts of data that was previously unavailable, and capabilities like never before to extract the insights embedded in that data. By bringing those together, leading companies can gain tremendous competitive advantage. Lee believes that this will radically and permanently change the nature of business decision making, and it’s exciting for him to be a part of that.

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