Kevin Kuo

  • Name:
    Kevin Kuo
  • Background:
    Associate, Actuarial and Insurance Risk
  • Company:
  • From:
    Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Age:

My educational background:
I’m trained as a financial engineer and mathematician and have two degrees in Applied Math in addition to the CQF. I’ve never had formal training in Statistics or Computer Science so I’d been playing catch-up since I started doing data analytics work.

What sets me apart from the other TEXATA Finalists:
I can type pretty fast, so y’all better watch out.

The best advice I’ve received at work:
Clarity in thought leads to clarity in speech.

What my family and friends think about me being a TEXATA Finalist:
After I explained that it’s not a Tex-Mex cook-off, they’re less impressed but still proud of me.

Where my passion for big data comes from:
I like math, coding, and consulting. Big data is at the intersection of these things and there are plenty of cool and interesting problems.

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