Hongfei Cao

  • Name:
    Hongfei Cao
  • Background:
    PhD Candidate / Researcher
  • Company:
    University of Missouri
  • From:
    Columbia, MO, USA
  • Age:

My educational background:
I got my B.S. from the University of Science & Technology of China in Hefei, China. Now I am a computer science Ph.D. candidate. My research is focused on data mining, machine learning and big data related research.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received at work:
Keep working on it, do not give up!

My greatest achievements:
Recently, I have finished a large multi-specie genome sequence analysis using 11 commodity nodes, a total of 120TB data. I wrote a Hadoop+HBase Java program called MRSMRS (Mining Repetitive Sequences in a MapReduce Setting) which mines and analyzes 39 species’ whole genome sequence data. Part of the results (6 species) is published in IEEE BIBM conference 2014. This work is also nominated for IBM Students for Smarter Planet Project Award.

My strengths:
I think my strengths are strong mathematic modeling, machine learning and problem solving skills. I am very interested in machine learning and big data (Hadoop, MapReduce) problem and spent a lot of time building up my knowledge and skills after class.

My life away from work:
I love sports, especially basketball. Wildlife photography is another my hobby. Also, I like hiking and travelling with my friends.

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