Don Hilborn

Don is passionate about collaborative problem solving and a lifelong learner with over two decades of diverse in-depth experience successfully developing and implementing large-scale data solutions for Fortune 100 companies. As a Data Scientist specializing in legal and regulatory data, Don has coded and implemented statistical models for e-discovery, on multi-billion dollar litigation, and healthcare at Anadarko and McKesson. Don has consistently created value with his clear vision, analytical abilities and consistent execution in lead Developer and Architect roles for Invesco, Boeing, Arthur Andersen, and Compaq. Don leverages his more than two decades of technical and leadership experience to: facilitate collaboration, reach technical objectives within constraints, bring value through clear vision, and foster an atmosphere of collaborative problem solving. He is a licensed attorney and an Adjunct Professor at South Texas College of Law where he currently teaches courses, and he regularly speaks and writes on topics that focus on the cross section of Big Data and the law.