Antoine Amend

  • Name:
    Antoine Amend
  • Background:
    Lead Data Scientist
  • Company:
    Data Phi Consulting
  • From:
    London, UK
  • Age:

My strengths:
I’m not the best technical engineer, I’m not the best mathematician either, but I’m able to bring the best parts of both worlds together in order to get better results and to solve tricky problems. That makes me a really good data scientist, and that’s my main strength. I’m a good mathematician with deep IT knowledge. Combined with my 5 years experience in IT Consulting in Switzerland (with highly demanding clients), I do have a strong commercial experience too. I’m able to translate business requirements into technical solutions.

The most innovative application of big data I’ve seen:
I’m really experienced in Hadoop ecosystem. When I first heard about Spark, I thought it was yet another big data product… I must say that Spark is the most exciting application I ever worked with!

My greatest achievements:
Technically: The legal interception platform I worked on at Orange. As far as I know this is now so more stable that it used to be when I joined. I’ve reduced issues, I’ve improved MapReduce performances, and my client was able to drastically reduce operational costs.

Career wise: The 2 main decisions I ever took in my life
– Leaving physics in order to work as an IT Consultant
– Leaving Switzerland in order to start my Big data Consultancy in London

Personally: My 2 kids are the greatest achievement I could ever make !

The best advice I’ve received at work:
Understand what the business team really wants, and not only what they say they want. Anticipate business requirements.

What my family said about me getting involved with TEXATA:
They were initially making fun at me, thinking it was nothing more serious than a nerd game. They all are really supportive now that I’m in the Finals!

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