Find Stéphane:


My educational background:

The Bachelor’s and Master’s courses [both] had a strong focus on management (accounting, corporate finance, marketing, finance, management, operations, maths, statistics and probability, Strategy). The specialization courses had a strong focus on statistics with applications in R. For example, statistical inference (ANOVA, t-test, A/B Testing), econometrics (multiple linear regression, logistic regression), predictive modeling and forecasting (ARIMA, survival analysis, decision trees, neural networks) and multivariate data analysis in marketing (hierarchical clustering, factor analysis, multi-dimensional scaling).

My passion for big data:

Data analysis allows to produce invaluable insights from a large quantity of data, regardless of the sector. I would love to apply data science techniques and tools in the healthcare sector. What I really like the most is the usefulness of the results produced and the way they can be integrated to mitigate risks, improve decision making, develop business and enhance performance.

My greatest achievements to date:

Winning TEXATA 2014!

What do your friends/family think about you being involved in the TEXATA competition?

After multiple explanations, they still do not understand what Big Data is.

The best advice I’ve received at work:

Adapt to your environment quickly, make the most with what you have.

How being a TEXATA Finalist will affect my career:

I am developing a predictive model to find out the answer!

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